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Kids' Room Painting

Kid bedrooms are the perfect canvas for creativity. You can go whimsical, themed, cute, or even sophisticated. Rules are more lax for decorating in a kid's bedroom, and imagination rules. Keep these thoughts in mind when choosing a theme for your child's bedroom.

Cool Colors for Kids' Room

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Citron Yellow

When choosing this color for a child’s space, look for pure yellows or tones freshened with a bit of green, and steer clear of brown-gold shades. Pair with other warm colors and white to create a vibrant, energetic mood. ​​​​​​​

Bold Red

Red isn’t an easy paint color for every room in the house, but it can be really fun in a kid's space. Paint an accent wall in a stimulating fire-engine shade to enliven a reading nook or homework area; it looks especially warm and inviting with white or wood floors and furniture.

Baby Blue

Blue is a perennial choice for boys’ rooms, of course, and it’s growing in popularity for girls too. These brave blues lend a crisp, classic look and provide a striking contrast to bold tones—think oranges or magenta—and neutrals alike. Another plus: The walls will never show smudgy fingerprints!


Lime or leaf greens are wonderful multitaskers. As long as the shade doesn’t skew too neon, green can be both soothing and upbeat, and works well for any age or gender. Look for a bright tone rather than a dark forest green, which can read as somber.

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