Provided by CT Custom Painting 

Color Consulting and Painting Services

Is your home in need of a face-lift? Are you ready for a change? Don’t stress over the color selection process for your home. Whether you want the interior or exterior painted,
CT Custom Painting  is there to help. You will  get time with a professional color consultant,  so you’ll know exactly which colors to pick.

Exterior Color Ideas

Drive through various neighborhoods and take note of appealing exterior paint color schemes and adaptability to your own home. ​​​​​​​

Define Your Entry

Define the entry. Use exterior paint color as a "Welcome" sign to your home.

Determine Your Mood

Determine the mood you want to create with the room. Warmer tones are friendly and inviting. cooler tones create calm and relaxing spaces.

Trim Color 

Keeping the trim all one color provides continuity as you move from room to room. Stark white in a semi- or full-gloss creates a very formal look.

Choose Color Flow

Think about 'flow' and how the colors of neighboring rooms will work together. Very dark to very light transitions, or transitions from rooms with highly contrasting colors can wither be jarring or invigorating.